There is no difference between finding your life and living your life. Good luck.

Sold out crowd in Kansas City waiting out the storm to see the rest of the show. We cut power and they are still fired up! (at CrossroadsKC at Grinder’s)
So infamous on tour I get nicknamed meals. #hondacivictour
Kansas City.
Got jealous of everyone’s baseball shots, so here I am! Also, @newyshua has been requesting selfies. BOOM.
"In the beginning, she found herself in a new and empty space. And all was white, and the corners were a bit flaky, and the carpets were a bit manky, but it was a good space."
The thing is, this entire sculpture park is straight out of mirrormask.

Arcade Fire, Chicago, IL. Inspiring, amazing. This is why we do what we do.

This is not the coolest part of this venue, but it is the funniest. (at The Rave / Eagles Club)



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